Aluminized Chain Link

Aluminized Chain Link

ArmorLink® aluminum coated chain link fence fabric provides the superior strength of steel, the exceptionally smooth, long-lasting finish of aluminum and the low maintenance security of chain link fence. These qualities, combined with excellent corrosion resistance, make ArmorLink® the ideal choice for industrial, commercial, recreational and residential projects alike.


Exceptionally Smooth Finish
Made in USA
Outstanding protection against the environment
Residential, Recreational, Commercial & Industrial Applications
Available in Secure-Guard® High-Security Mini Mesh
25-Year Limited Warranty on 6, 9 &10 Gauge Fabric
15-Year Limited Warranty on 11½ Gauge Fabric

Highly Specified and Meets:
– ASTM A 491
– A 817
– Federal specification RR-F-191 Type II
– AASHTO M-181 Chain Link Fence, Type II


High Security Applications
Highways & Bridges
State & Federal Agencies
Severe Marine Installations


Tennis Courts
Golf Courses
Athletic Fields


Military Facilities
Pedestrian Overpasses
Highway Dividers
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ArmorLink® aluminized steel chain link fence fabric is produced in a variety of gauges and mesh sizes, and is available in heights of 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”, 120”, and 144”.
Gauge – refers to the diameter of the wire used to produce the fabric; the higher the gauge number the smaller the wire diameter.

Mesh Size– is the clear distance between parallel wires forming a diamond; the smaller the mesh size, the tighter the fabric.

Selvage – refers to the way the individual ends of the wire are finished after being woven together. The wire can be “knuckled” to avoid sharp ends or “Twisted” when more security is required.

Secure-Guard® high security mini mesh fabric is used when maximum security and protection are required. The wire is woven into 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 1” mesh sizes, which make the fabric difficult to cut, climb, or pass objects through.


Galvanized steel framework is available in a variety of gauge and diameter sizes, for 3’ to 12’ high chain link fence systems.
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