Commerical Ameristar Montage

Ameristar Montage

Classification: Commercial
Material: Steel
Picket: 3/4″ (14 Gauge)
Rails: 1-7/16 x 1-1/2″ (14 Gauge)

Montage Commercial steel fences have redefined the commercial fence Industry with the strength that matches the level of security demanded. In the past commercial fencing was defined as a chain link fence with three strands of barbwire, today Montage Commercial ornamental fences are the standard for security fencing.


All Montage fence panels are fabricated using Ameristar’s ProFusion welding process. This technique combines laser and fusion technology to create a virtually invisible structural connection at every picket to rail intersection. Unlike typical aluminum fence systems that are held together with unsightly screws, the ProFusion weld used with Montage promotes a “good neighbor” profile with sleek lines and no exposed picket to rail fasteners. When compared to aluminum Fencing, Montage’s welded steel construction is unmatched in strength and durability.
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Product Overview

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