Security Ameristar Impasse II

Ameristar Impasse II

Classification: High Security
Pickets: 2-3/4″ (14 Gauge)
Rails: 2″ x 2″ (11 Gauge)

Maintaining a secure perimeter is your first line of defense against potential threats. Impasse II fence systems serve as a visual deterrent backed with heavy steel components that give a higher level of protection compared to the traditional chain link or architectural mesh fence alternatives. Impasse II is the best choice for securing at risk facilities or protecting specific assets within a property.


Impasse II panels and posts are manufactured using high-tensile pre-galvanized G-90 steel. Each component has been roll-formed into a unique profile that yields significant strength properties. Impasse II’s distinct design enables the fence to traverse aggressive changes in grade in order to maintain security along any perimeter. Each connection point of the Impasse II system is secured with tamper-proof fasteners providing the highest level of security and versatility.
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Product Overview

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