Security Ameristar Ram-Barrier + Ornamental Fence

Ameristar Ram-Barrier + Ornamental Fence

Classification: High Security
Material: Steel
I-Beam Post: 3″ X 2-3/4″ (12 Gauge)
Rails: 2″ x 2″ (11 Gauge)
Panel: Ornamental

Stalwart II integrates the design features of a traditional ornamental iron fence with the resilience of the Stalwart anti-ram barrier. The ornamental picket design blends into its surroundings, not drawing attention to itself, but still maintaining the requirements of an anti-ram barrier.


Stalwart II brings together traditional ornamental fencing and vehicle barrier into a single line of fence. The integration of these two systems decreases public awareness of the barrier thus drawing attention away from what it protects. The Stalwart IS system is manufactured of high-tensile steel and is pre-galvanized inside and out for superior corrosion protection. Each component has been roll-formed into a unique profile that yields significant strength properties for long-lasting durability.
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Product Overview

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