Security Ameristar Ram-Barrier + Security Fence

Ameristar Ram-Barrier + Security Fence

Classification: High Security
Material: Steel
I-Beam Post: 3″ X 2-3/4″ (12 Gauge)
Rails: 2″ x 2″ (11 Gauge)
Pales: 2-3/4″ (14 Gauge)

Stalwart IS unites the strongest security fence available with the most widely used anti-ram perimeter barrier. The appearance of Stalwart IS is a great visual deterrent that delivers strength and fortitude for keeping any assailant from easily breaching the perimeter.


The Stalwart IS system is manufactured of high-tensile steel and is pre-galvanized inside and out for superior corrosion protection. Each component has been roll-formed into a unique profile that yields significant strength properties to encourage an anti-climb and anti-cut perimeter barrier. Each connection point of the Stalwart IS system is secured with tamper-proof fasteners providing the highest level of security and versatility.
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Product Overview

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